God’s War (Hardback) (Resellers Only)



Dr. Benny Beckum, The Intercessor Ministries, Inc.

Dr. Jerry Scheidbach expounds on a complex subject with remarkable clarity. It is an encyclopedia of information on the Sovereignty of God, the Priesthood of the believer, and the spiritual war we are engaged in each day! A war is raging! God’s War teaches us how to win, and bring America back to God.


Dr.Paul Chappell, Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, CA and Founder of West Coast Baptist College

Dr. Jerry Sheidbach has provided a tremendous resource for Christians interested in 21st century revival. … This book is a call to arms … here you find principles for God’s people to implement in this spiritual battle. Pastor Scheidbach lays out a biblical strategy to reclaim this land.


Dr. John Wilkerson, First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN, Chancellor of Hyles Anderson College

Dr. Scheidbach shares an intriguing, scholarly and clear call to God’s people in these perilous days. God’s War is a pure and Biblical perspective of God’s great power and love, Satan’s tyrannical scheme, and the Christian’s responsibility and liberty to influence our world for the Lord Jesus Christ.


Pastor Marshal Stevens, Calvary Baptist, American Canyon, CA

God has certainly gifted Dr. Scheidbach with the ability to see a much larger picture painted by the whole of Scripture than most of us see. Reading this book was an amazing journey. At times I was greatly convicted of my own lack of faith; at other times I was left in awe of our great God. At the end, I was left with a renewed sense of duty, purpose, and hope in the battle for the kingdom. I heartily recommend this book to any serious student of God’s Word.

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John Jay, Founder, and first Chief Justice expressed concern that in his day neither the clergy nor the laity had sufficiently addressed the question of whether Christians should vote for unbelievers to rule them. Others of our Founders expressed similar concerns. They understood that our liberties would not long continue in the hands of men and women who reject the Spirit of Liberty. God's War: Why Christians Should Rule the World provides the answer to Chief Justice Jay's question. And the answer will stun you! Get God's War, and understand why Christians not only have every right anyone else has to engage in politics or any other sphere of life but why they must!

Hardback, Smyth Sewn, 534 pages, a comprehensive Topical and Scripture index, over 30 color illustrations, written for the average reader with content every scholar will appreciate. Very engaging and thorough!

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1.75 in

This book contains at least 25 full-color illustrations.


Thorough Scripture and Topic index allowing readers to find what they are looking for, or find their way back to an intriguing insight they discovered.


This book is hardback with smyth-sewn bidning.


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